Virtually Emerging [1]: Metacultural workshops

A workshop is an educational seminar or series of meetings emphasizing interaction and exchange of information among a usually small number of participants. In my opinion this is where the church is headed. We already see many small groups in churches today and it has been taught that the original church operated this way.

A workshop is in many ways like Liquid Church. A short definition of liquid church is that “the church is the church of Jesus Christ and all the individual Christians are united in him” (Ward 2002). A workshop varies from Liquid Church in that it does not need to be by members of the Christian faith, it can be a mixture of believers and non-believers, sharing ideas about religion.

Why are workshops necessary? Like Pete Ward says in his book “Liquid Church” many people… don’t want to meet the congregation (Ward 2002). In a traditional church variety is severely limited by the tastes and predjudices of those who attend (2002). Workshops encourage “you do research on your own then bring all your ideas, good and bad, to the table and we can figure out what makes sense and what doesn’t” (Ward 2002). A workshop allows people to come together in a group in a non-threatining way to discover, rather than be preached to, about culture, God, and anything else that one would like to put “on the table”. Congregations are generally monocultures reflecting the tastes of one or perhaps two different types of people (Ward 2002). My hope is that workshops will be a metacultural experience for all participants. They can combine ideas such as a liquid church and a groove fellowship (dance music enthusiasts who start small groups) into one meeting.

Workshops allow a place to meet at a specified time. At participants can schedule a time to meet and discuss a topic online. Once a person registers for a time slot then they can advertise a global meeting to anyone they want to invite.Workshops allow “virtual meeting” places for people who may be separated by long travel distances or who are in different cultures. By blending of cultural ideas we, as Christians, can become better witnesses for Christ. Activites are encouraged in workshops such as polls, use of the whiteboard, fill in the blanks etc.

Like the “Liquid Church” workshops “take the present culture seriously” (Ward 2002). Workshops aim to encourage the idea to be emerging rather than following current trends in society. That being said workshops are still a work in progress and can be modified by anyone at anytime. Thanks. God Bless.

References Ward, P. (2002) Liquid Church. Peabody, Mass: Hendrickson publishers and Paternoster press.

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