Thrift store church

We started last November, calling our gatherings the ‘The Cross’ believing that only under this banner can we unite or reunite those in or out of Christ. We truly believe that the Cross is the power of God to transform the world. So our message starts at the foot of the mountain and finishes at the feet of Jesus. Our corporate worship is unscripted and free to go where the Spirit would lead it for that night. We gather Thursday’s and are continuing to grow. Just in the last two weeks Jesus has led 8 hearts through the watery grave and into a new life.

Our daily life for people of the Cross is spent at our thrift store, which I call the church of the future.’ Here we meet the seekers and love them into Christ. We help the hurting, feed the hungry, and clothe the needy. We truly are the church and this makes it very hard to “go” to church anymore. The leaders, including myself spend most of our times listening to the pain of those in our community and offering them a “safe-place” to find comfort and rest. We sell all of our clothing for $1 and feed orphans with our net proceeds. God is feeding over 100 families each week as He is providing enough resources to clothe over 100 families each month. Truly Acts chapter 2 in full motion.

But the true secret to our success is letting Christ work through us, this way we are using His diving pure energy, and wont tire out. We then watch the Spirit direct all of the hurting our way. We have become a clothing closet for local area churches and also hand out food everyday thanks to Ralph’s Groceries.

God is awesome and we are a real community where people are honest enough with us and with themselves and this allows all of us to reveal our weaknesses and praise each other for our strengths giving all glory to God in all that we do.

Anyone looking to start a new emerging community, let me know, I can help you start a thrift store that is Christ centered and not church centered, although we help a lot of churches.

When people ask what church is this supporting, I let them know, We are Christ-centered not church-centered. We do not pass the plate (ever) but we do allow people to bring their offerings as God has moved in their hearts. One of the biggest reasons this will survive the test of time is that we do not need property, money, or other worldly things, no one is paid except the free will offering go to our worship leader, We allow the thrift store to carry the financial burden so that ‘The fellowship of the Cross’ can be free from all earthly entanglements. Wow, this is what freedom looks like…

Welcome to the fellowship of the Cross, where the hurting, the lonely, and the busy can come together and hold hands as we struggle together with our faith.