Sarah is seeking ways to run a church.

Hi, welcome to our virtual coffee shop. Pull up a chair, take the load of your feet. Let’s chat.

So who are you, where you from, what do you do in life?
Sarah, from Hawaii currently living in Cali, I am a Salvation Army officer in training. Which means in a year and a half I will be a pastor in the Salvation Army, I am currently in my first year of seminary.

Can I get you a drink? Cappucino, earl grey, dandelion and burdock, pale ale?
I will take a chai tea please, thank you very much.

Would you like a doughnut or pastry to go with that?
I am good without a pastry thanks.

So, if you had to describe the church/project/experiment/thingy you are currently involved with in one sentence, what would that sentence be?
As an upcoming pastor I am currently praying and seeking the Lord about how to run a church. I am very open to completely change the structure of church but I don’t want to change that which does not need to be changed. I just wonder if there can be another way.

Are you an instigator? / new recruit? / have absolutely no recollection of how you got involved?
I am an instigator of sorts, I was saved in the Salvation Army but left for a few years doing missions and other ministry but God called me back for good I guess. I found your website by just goggled emerging church for my emerging trends class looking for a good bit or bite to share with the class and I found this website which I posted on our class blog. I hope that is ok.

What do you value most about being part of it?
I love the Salvation Army because it puts in to action the love of Christ. We do not sit around thinking about the world and how horrible it is we are busy active trying to reach out to those who need help.

What excites you most about it?
I love the opportunities in the Salvation Army one day I was in theology class learning about Augustine the next I was in San Diego giving aid people who lost everything. It is an amazing ministry to be a part of.

Has anyone ever turned up out of the blue not knowing what to expect?
What did they say?

People Show up out of the blue all the time at a Salvation Army church. Homeless people looking for food, families in financial trouble, people in crisis, people that want to help, people that have nowhere else to go, these are the types of people we attract. As far as the questions go I can’t even begin to explain.

Three words that describe your attitude to ‘being church’ in the big wide world: Love, hope, faith

Three words that DON’T:
Hate, anger, pain

What would your ’emerging church survival kit’ contain?
The Bible.

Anything else you’d like to share with us before you have to rush off?
Well I hope you get a few more hits from others in the Salvation Army it is always good to network. Have a fantastic day.

Thanks. Good to see you. Have a good day!