Some handy questions and answers about our lavalamp prayer application

Can Other People Read My Prayers?

No -not unless they’re looking over your shoulder whilst you type. We decided we wanted people to be able to pray in the confidence that only God knows their prayer.

But what about those other blobs floating around?

Other people’s prayers may be floating around in there, but the lavalamp has been programmed so that as soon you click the ‘pray’ button the prayer is sealed and can’t be re-opened. If you watch, your blob will appear to glow for a while and then gradually merge back with the main body of, er… blobiness. That’s it – it’s gone. Only you and God know it exists.

Can I leave it running all day?

Yes, once the lamp is running it’s not using any extra bandwidth so you can leave it running for as long as you like without any detriment to whatever else you’re doing online. We’ve included a ‘minimise’ feature to allow you to have a miniature version of the lamp running on your screen at all times which you can position wherever you like. You will need to keep your web browser software running though.

But is this *real* prayer?

Why not? What makes a prayer ‘real’? Does prayer have to take place in a church building or using certain ‘special’ words? Christians prayer in wide variety of ways – if you mean it, then it’s the real thing.

Do I have to pray?

Of course not. We thought some folks might just like to use the lamp as an aid to meditation – watching the blobs can be very relaxing and help you focus. It’s also very groovy for parties should you not be able to afford a real lavalamp – and someone can always leave a prayer whilst reaching for the twiglets (although they’re probably praying that you’d switch the computer off – this is a party…)

Help – it isn’t working!

Check that you do not have security preferences set on your browser to block active content. Also, if you do not have the relevant ‘flash player’ software you will be prompted to download it free of charge when you try to start the lamp.

This is great – how I can get my own copy to use in church?

You can’t at the moment, but if you’re interested, do get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.