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While the statistics on church growth in the UK and Europe make fairly depressing reading and the media, when showing any interest in the church at all, generally focuses in on the negatives, there is another side to the story.

One of the most encouraging and exciting developments over recent years has been the significant rise in the number of new expressions and experiments of christian communities more commonly referred to as ‘the emerging church’. Discovering what exactly is happening however is no easy task. The idea was born therefore to develop some kind of forum where stories could be told and reflected upon as well as opportunity being given for people to enter into debate on the issues surrounding these new ways of being church.

It is not our desire to give overexposure or put individual case studies on a pedestal as we recognise that most new things are by very nature fragile and need space to grow. However, having the opportunity to hear stories such as these is both a challenge and an encouragement for us all.

More than anything else we want to create space for people to share their experiences, successes and difficulties so that we might more easily discern together what God is saying to and about His church in these days. We hope you will benefit from this site and feel able to contribute to it in whatever way is most appropriate for you.

Emergingchurch.info -is funded by UK Christian organisations and denominations with an interest in mission and the future of the church. We’re always looking for others to join us in both the financial support of the site and in taking an interest in its future. If you represent such an organisation or are an individual who would be interested in helping support the future development of this website, please do get in touch. Contact adrian@emergingchurch.info

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