My Habit of Planting Churches

Hi, welcome to our virtual coffee shop. Pull up a chair, take the load of your feet. Let’s chat.  

So who are you, where you from, what do you do in life?
My name is Matt. I live in Tasmania, Australia. I make web sites for a living, to support my habit of planting churches.

Can I get you a drink? Cappuccino, earl grey, dandelion and burdock, pale ale…?
I’ll have a latte today

Would you like a doughnut or pastry to go with that?
Umm, no thanks. A bowl of fruit?

So, if you had to describe the church/project/experiment/thingy you are currently involved with in one sentence, what would that sentence be?
Currently, a small evolving Pentecostal cum emerging church in a remote urban area, but soon to start something (?) in the big city (Melbourne)

Are you an instigator? / new recruit? / have absolutely no recollection of how you got involved?
Instigator, I guess.

What do you value most about being part of it?
Well, I didn’t know I was part of anything – I had these ideas evolve over a couple of years, only to find that my ideas are already out there, in this movement/conversation/whatever called emerging.

What excites you most about it?
The clean slate. That my generation has a place.

Has anyone ever turned up out of the blue not knowing what to expect? What did they say?
Not yet – too new

Three words that describe your attitude to ‘being church’ in the big wide world:
Authentic. Connecting. Authentic

Three words that DON’T:
Paradigm. Backbiting. Politics

You have this weird dream – you meet Jesus face to face. Where does it happen, what does he say to you?
Ooh.. I wouldn’t like to say.

What’s the big secret you’re itching to share with everyone?
That there are no secrets

What would your ’emerging church survival kit’ contain?
I’ll tell you when I get there.

Anything else you’d like to share with us before you have to rush off?
Thanks for the Latte

Thanks! Good to see you, have a good day!