Moot began in January 2003 as 15 people from all over London, some who have been involved in alternative worship and other experimental forms of being church.

We gathered at an old Church called St Matthews Westminster with a large sheet and a projector. From then til now we have been developing as a new emerging church spiritual community doing sundays evening alternative worship services and discussions during the week. We are now about 30 people and continuing to develop as a community.

We are exploring ways of supporting one another and exploring how you do worship, mission and community in London’s busy and liquid-modern society. From the Spring we now have two artists in residents, and are in discussions with the Bishop of London to have a designated curate to develop moot as an emerging church community with the evolving group. Its a happy partnership, and we are now wanting to develop as emerging church.

Ian Mobsby is a founder member of Moot.