Gliding Like a Bird

Hi, welcome to our virtual coffee shop. Pull up a chair, take the load of your feet. Let’s chat.
Thanks J

So who are you, where you from, what do you do in life?
Babette du Plessis-Caroline, originally from South Africa, Cape Town, been living in the USA 11 years now. I am an artist, writer, minister/pastor (, business woman (, wife, mother and eternal student. Finishing off a doctorate degree (at last!)

Can I get you a drink? Cappucino, earl grey, dandelion and burdock, pale ale?
Earl Grey – HOT!

Would you like a doughnut or pastry to go with that?
Anything with cheesecake J

So, if you had to describe the church/project/experiment/thingy you are currently involved with in one sentence, what would that sentence be?
Watching, learning, trying new things, speaking out for equality of race, culture, sex, and standing for truth righteousness and justice.

Are you an instigator? / new recruit? / have absolutely no recollection of how you got involved?
Leading a diverse house group, and growing.

What do you value most about being part of it?
Watching people grow and be inspired by a living intimate God, the honesty, and the willingness to be part of each others lives. Seeing people love God. Actually, when people have friends that are genuine and care for each other and link arms during the tough times, and then going on to do this to others outside the group and spreading this kind of love – now that’s the real church.

What excites you most about it?
People learning more about who they are, and what they can do with the strength and inspiration of the God’s Spirit. I get a real kick when people discover that there is a God who can help them be their best and enjoy the journey. The Messianic roots to Christianity.

Has anyone ever turned up out of the blue not knowing what to expect?
What did they say?

This is different, and I made new friends!!

Three words that describe your attitude to ‘being church’ in the big wide world: Real, fellowship/friendship, support, accountability – fun! Don’t forget the Jews!

Three words that DON’T:
Pretentious, people pleasing, sensationalism, churchy, religious, spiritual superior pride, I could go on……….

You have this weird dream – you meet Jesus face to face.
Where does it happen, what does he say to you?

I am gliding like a bird, he comes along side and swoops down, and says “rest a while”. See my website:

What’s the big secret you’re itching to share with everyone?
To know your Messianic roots gives one a clearer view of the BIG PICTURE.

What would your ’emerging church survival kit’ contain?
My laptop with wireless internet (can get the Bible on it, in all versions), my truck, (good for carting “goods,”and “helps” around), and my cell phone.

Anything else you’d like to share with us before you have to rush off?
Yes, “KEEP IT REAL” – seek the truth!

Thanks. Good to see you. Have a good day!