Breaking up fallow ground

We’re 3 people in South Wales that held a jam night with a spiritual emphasis earlier this year.

We’re emerging in our thinking and living and recently held another one of these evenings. It went like this – 4 acoustic acts in the celler bar of our local pub most if not all of the people are unbeliveing or anti church Jesus should i say. A particularly prejudiced and hostile people to anything to do with God but indeed many our good friends who we socialize and drink with.

We do not feel true to ourselves evangelizing in the traditional evangelical form so we allow just our presence some of the words of songs and the charity christmas cards we put on candlelit tables to speak. We involved a local homeless charity and collected a donation. The xmas cards that were bought we for St Mungos london/Shelter homeless charities and we wrote after our greeting from all at the celler bar such things as “……. at the age of 33 Jesus was homeless moveing from town to town” and “…..for the fist 5 years of his life jesus fled to Egypt as a refugee” etc. It might not seem like much but their is a great spiritual differculty here and we felt it important to humanize Jesus so to speak and participate in braking down the stereotypical barriers that the church has engrained.

I suppose we would like to think we have assisted Jesus in breaking up fallow ground rather than engage in (conservative evangelical verbal evangelism) which we do not feel right about, ready for whatever is next and we believe that missional emergent spirituality will help us carry Jesus’ spirit although it is, however, nothing like the evangelical/pentecostal and Anglican upbringing we’e had. and we’re thankful and excited about this although we do not propose to know the next step and are deemed as rebels and naughty by most christians i feel around us. We are more enlivened than ever really, so we’ve pinned our colours to the mast and hope for grace, understanding and open dialogue to begin here in the valleys and for those unbelivers to be free from medeival traditions to experience the reality and wonder of Jeshua.

I am very interested in a book i’ve become aware of ” The Greek Jesus v’s The Hebrew Yeshua” i prefere in my heart to say Yeshua than Jesus Christ again i think it’s because of the Romanization and history of chrisianity throughout time that makes me recoil not Jesus himself.