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Since our launch in 2003 has grown to include over 100 unique stories and reflections with more added every month - so where do you start if you're here for the first time? This then is a constantly evolving collection of recommended stories and reflections for if you're wanting to get a quick picture of what the emerging church is all about. Of course, it's impossible to summarise something as diverse as the emerging church but if you click and explore, read and discover, perhaps you'll start to get a picture of what this site is all about..


Network Church

date OCTOBER 10
date Steve Collins (UK)

If there's one single thing that characterises emerging forms of church across the western world it's that they are networked. There is no one leader or format or theology, nor is there likely to be. Instead there is a thriving mess of cross-linkage without regard for conventional church structures or channels of communication. It's the context and lifeblood of the emerging church, the arteries of the Body so to speak, and yet it's largely invisible to the existing institutional forms of church. Partly this invisibility is down to technology-blindness, since a lot of the connection happens on the internet. More…

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