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Since our launch in 2003 has grown to include over 100 unique stories and reflections with more added every month - so where do you start if you're here for the first time? This then is a constantly evolving collection of recommended stories and reflections for if you're wanting to get a quick picture of what the emerging church is all about. Of course, it's impossible to summarise something as diverse as the emerging church but if you click and explore, read and discover, perhaps you'll start to get a picture of what this site is all about..


The ‘E’ at the heart of emerging

date OCTOBER 10
date Paul Thomson (UK)

About 40 of us in late 70's (all teens) found Christ IN our housing estate in Aberdeen, Scotland - we grew up in - this was completely outside known perameters of 'mission' at the time... BEFORE we ever came near a CHURCH. No one ever told us about this incredible strange figure in that strange big book... WE stumbled on to him- it was OUR delicious secret - like finding ET in your kitchen, at the backside of the world -the estate was a terrifying place - many of us were beaten every week - day in day out by…

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Doughnut Churches – a stupid way to be church or a sign of growth?

date OCTOBER 10
date Simon Hall (UK)

What happens when you try to build a Christian community (“plant a church” is sooo 80s) that is made up of people who found themselves on the fringes of their former churches? Do you create a tightly-knit community of Christian refugees, who live together and show incredible solidarity in the way that many refugee communities do in this country? Or do you, by accident or design, end up with a “ring doughnut” church, where everyone finds himself or herself on the edge, and there’s no-one in the middle? And anyway, who’s to say one is better than the other? This…

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Stations of the Cross 2003: An Analysis of a Liturgical Experience and its Relevance for Spiritual Formation Today.

date OCTOBER 10
date Mark Pierson (UK)

Download/view Mark's research: part 1 [62MB]part 2 [78MB] Sue Wallace, Ordained Anglican Priest to the Alt Worship & Emerging Church Community called 'Visions' in York, interviews Mark Pierson, Baptist Minister, and one of the Grandees of Alt Worship and the Emerging Church in New Zealand and Australia. Mark explored the use of 'Stations of the Cross' for spiritual formation in his Masters Thesis. He was previously pastor to Cityside Baptist Church ( and 'Parallel Universe' which he co-led with Mike Riddell. More recently he has been working with 'Urban Seed' (,,au) in Melbourne Australia. In late 2007 Mark returned…

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