Beginners Guide

Since our launch in 2003 has grown to include over 100 unique stories and reflections with more added every month - so where do you start if you're here for the first time? This then is a constantly evolving collection of recommended stories and reflections for if you're wanting to get a quick picture of what the emerging church is all about. Of course, it's impossible to summarise something as diverse as the emerging church but if you click and explore, read and discover, perhaps you'll start to get a picture of what this site is all about..


How is Emerging Church different?

date OCTOBER 10
date Michael Moynagh (UK)

Haven't we been here before? What makes emerging church different... …to New Churches?Aren't new expressions of church, for example, just an updated version of house churches, now known in Britain as 'New Churches'? Traditional churches were not connecting with the sixties and seventies culture, individuals felt stifled and so they broke away and started again. Weren't they pioneering 'emerging church'? The big difference, at least to emerging church in its mission mode, is that many New Churches continued to operate on a 'you come to us' model. Members liked their new way of being church and used evangelism to encourage…

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Ways into Small Missional Community

date OCTOBER 10
date Ian Adams (Devon UK)

Taken from Ian's blog the following entries were created for the Small Missional Community project that he is facilitating with CMS, aimed at offering insights to help people form new community-projects. He has posted these on the kindling network and invites you to contribute to the conversation. Ways into small missional community [1] starting out in companyMany of the small missional communities that I work with seem to be have flickered into life in the dreams of one or two visionary people. But there’s very good reason to seek company, even at this early stage. The project will almost certainly…

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Virtual Cafe Story

Ben and his on-line ministry

date OCTOBER 10
date BEN (Boston US)

Hi, welcome to our virtual coffee shop. Pull up a chair, take the load of your feet. Let's chat. So who are you, where you from, what do you do in life?My Name is Ben, I’m From Somerville Mass whichi s just outside of Boston. I work as a chef, and currently I’m the youth pastor at a small Baptist church. I do this while I try to work on my own ministry. Can I get you a drink?Cappuccino, earl grey, dandelion and burdock, pale ale...? Pale ale, homemade if you got it if not a good microbrew will really…

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