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Ordained pioneer ministry in Rochester

An Ordained Pioneer Minister starts out building a fresh expression in Rochester. On September 6th I was ordained in Rochester Cathedral. I have an elaborate job title of 'Pioneer Curate'. I am the curate on the staff of the cathedral and I am being trained in everything that a Church of England curate needs to be trained in - such as learning how to deacon at the Eucharist, process, preaching, funerals, baptisms and so on. For some Anglicans that would be normal stuff, but coming from my 'low church' background of St. Mark's Gillingham alongside around 14 y
ears of working with Youth for Christ it was quite a culture shock."

Break down the walls: can we, the working class, have oor church back please?

"I used to love seeing masel as part of the emerging church until about 4 years ago. However, three things, began to crack and slowly dislodge my identification with all things emerging - in both church and the wider uk society, and propel me back out into scotland. The resulting relationship between me, christianity and the land around me here has changed beyond all recognition.. my faith, my trust has returned again, not just in God but in my roots; the estates I grew up with, the place itself, the land, the people; its colourful mix of natives and newcomers, industries, even creation itself - lost friends regained - all of it is my church now..

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A flurry of questions fired at...

Where are you at? - Iím on some kind of threshold. Liminal space. And Iím trying to work out whether this is the passage to some place new, or whether I have to get used to living on the threshold. We are, after all, caught between a world that is passing, and a world that is to come. Uncertainty rules."


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