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alan darley[RESEARCH] 2.10
An examination of Phenomenology and its relationship to the Christian concept of revelation.
ALAN DARLEY intervieved by Ian Mobsby

Phenomenology was a new area to me and one of the modules on offer at Nottingham uni I was attracted to it because of my wider interest in epistemology (how we know stuff) and in defending and communicating the Christian faith in today's world. I saw in phenomenology both challenges to but also insights which coincide with a Christian worldview... "


Previous research feartures:

grass[RESEARCH] 12.08
The Egalitarian Trinity: A Descriptive Trinitarian Model that is Symmetrical, Integrative, and Dynamic
STEVE DANCAUSE intervieved by Ian Mobsby

" The divine community of the Trinity is often held up as the ideal human community. Some would even say that the Trinity is the revelation of perfect communion. This is why egalitarians and subordinationists both look to the Trinity for justification of their social worldviews. I was interested to learn for myself why various scripturally sound Trinitarian models that are used to legitimate human social systems (including church ecclesiologies) were incompatible. This led me to follow the idea that the Church may be looking at the Trinity in an incomplete way... "

grass[RESEARCH] 10.08
Conversation with Olive Drane

" Olive Fleming Drane has a worldwide ministry in theology and the arts. Her personal faith story is told in the book Clowns, Storytellers, Disciple. Among other things, she is currently working as mission consultant with churches in Aberdeenshire and Shetland ... "

grass[RESEARCH] 10.08
Colin Greene on Metavista, the Bible, Church and Mission in an Age of Imagination

" Rev. Dr. Greene hails from the Celtic fringe where he spent most of his formative years in N. Ireland, Canada, the US and England, so not surprisingly he is not quite sure where he belongs! At the present time he is enjoying living in rural Northumberland in England... "

grass[RESEARCH] 08.08
Entertainment Theology: New Edge Spirituality in a Digital Democracy
BARRY TAYLOR interviewed by Ian Mobsby

" I think my intuition that there was something of significance going on in digital culture was affirmed and it prompted me to think even more critically about what these shifts might mean for traditional faiths like Christianity... "

grass[RESEARCH] 06.08
The Fidelity of Betrayal: Towards a Church Beyond Belief.
DR PETE ROLLINS interviewed by Ian Mobsby

"In many ways my reflective life has been consumed by a desire to dig deep into a seemingly simple idea, to burrow into its consequences, mine its depths and unearth its theoretical and practical wealth... "

grass[RESEARCH] 04.08
In what ways can Alternative Worship communities engage with the spiritual needs of both church leavers and non-churched seekers?
HANNH DEAVES interviewed by Ian Mobsby

"...although those leaving the established church and those with no church background in some areas were looking for the same things in other areas they have very different needs..."

grass[RESEARCH] 02.08
Adpating mission and worship to the cultural landscape
SUE WALLACE interviewed by
[York, UK]

"People are profoundly affected by their cultures, the books they read the songs they listen to and their surrounding environment and these questions and thoughts will often take on a spiritual character because we are spiritual people."

grass[RESEARCH] 01.08
Fresh Expressions in an Urban Context
ELEANOR WILLIAMS interviewed by Steve Griffiths

"...I had struggled for years with how the Church could be culturally relevant without losing what makes it distinctively 'church'..."

[RESEARCH] 12.07
Stations of the Cross 2003: An Analysis of a Liturgical Experience and its Relevance for Spiritual Formation Today
New Zealand

"...I have long been interested in ways to use cultural artifacts in worship and to have that use enable punters to make a deeper response to following Jesus in their contemporary worlds..."

[RESEARCH] 10.07
A Case Study Approach to Cityside Baptist Church as Christian Faith “making do” in a Postmodern World
New Zealand

I was tired of reading abstract surveys of cultural change followed by a few generalised comments. I wanted to explore what was actually happening on the ground, with people..."

[RESEARCH] 06.07
Burning Man Festival as Life-Enhancing, Post-Christendom 'Middle Way'

Perhaps our careful theological and missiological reflection on aspects of Burning Man might be used by the Spirit to provide the seeds for the church's revitalization and renewed credibility in the post-Christendom West..."

[RESEARCH] 03.07
...Burning the man
Jim Gilmore interviewed by John Drane (Pt2)
Los Angeles USA

"...I was reading Gibbs and Bolger's book on Emerging Churches and I thought, "hey, a lot of this stuff describes what they do at Burning Man... ...I've experienced more church at Burning Man than I have at a lot of churches I've been a part of."

[RESEARCH] 02.07
Emerging and Fresh Expressions of Church: How are they authentically Church and Anglican?
London, UK
interviewed by Jonny Baker

"...I was sick to death of people in the church slagging off the mission shaped church report and fresh expressions for having no theological or ecclesiological depth. I was also curious about what it was within Anglicanism that had allowed it in some places to become the womb for alt worship and the emerging church..."

His Color is Our Blood: A Phenomenology of the Prodigal Father
Belfast, Northern Ireland

"...This process involved studying the Greek philosophers, scholastic thought, modern and then postmodern thinking. While the process fed my mind I must say that my research was primarily a spiritual discipline which helped to transform me (ultimately provoking me to start ikon)..."

The Labyrinth – Ritualisation as Strategic Practice in Postmodern Times
London UK

Ian Mobsby talks to Jonny Baker about his research dissertation for his MA at Kings College London.


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