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"Doing Alternative Worship is itself a journey in theology. If you start down the road of Alternative Worship you will be asked many questions about what you are doing and why. Here are some of the answers. Maybe you can add some of your own."

"the emerging church of the 21st century may have more in common with the church of the apostolic era, than with the church of the 20th century."

"Emergent is a friendship. Becoming a part of a friendship is a quite different from being part of an organization. It's more like joining a conversation."

"George Lings’ series of quarterly investigations looking at emerging forms of Anglican Churches, crossing the widening gap to the non churched... "

"tools for navigating theology, leadership, discipleship and church life in postmodernity"

"an initiative of the Archbishops of Canterbury and York established in 2004 to encourage, enable and resource mission through fresh expressions of church in every diocese by 2010"

"In the wake of a declining mainstream Church there are a myriad of individuals and communities carrying on a spiritual quest - celebrating a spirituality that is lifegiving, just and connected to the earth. Many are building on the Christian story, but are not limited by past traditions. They are futurechurch exploring the possibilities on the edge."

"Western culture is in a time of transition. We live in an age which is beyond the post-religious, becoming post-secular. Boundaries and attitudes, approaches and thought processes are changing. In this, we live in an age much like any age,
but yet with the shift from modernity through postmodernity there is something unique."

"we were born out of passion and rebellion; a passion for Christ and a rebellion of the "status quo" of the church. we are a place where we believe in being honest and direct when dealing with issues facing the church, our culture and ourselves. we are a voice for the emerging culture."

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"Re:source is a result of a growing need for new expressions of church and methods of planting."

"A site about worship's "sacred things." It is our intent to bring you inspiration, ideas and resources as you create extraordinary encounters with God in this extraordinary time."

"a website dedicated to the exploration of Christian faith and spirituality in the landscape of post-modernity"

"::seven:: seeks to engage the emerging culture and its interface with faith and life. this is a place where anyone can express themselves through the written word. we want to hear about your passion, your pain, your joy, your struggles and your journey."

"on the journey with the emerging church"

"All over the world there is a growing awareness that the world has entered a postmodern era. All around us the effects of this change are visible: in the media, movies, the courts, politics, psychology and religion. The church must learn to live and breathe in the postmodern world, and find ways to be the agent of change that Christ called her to be."

"Although many have chosen to fight against our current culture, we believe there is a new, emerging mindset that would rather take postmodernism into account. This cultural shift has created a greater awareness of spirituality and the need for the holy Other."

"The rethinking of church with others who are on the same journey."





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