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alan darley[RESEARCH] 2.10
An examination of Phenomenology and its relationship to the Christian concept of revelation.

Phenomenology was a new area to me and one of the modules on offer at Nottingham uni I was attracted to it because of my wider interest in epistemology (how we know stuff) and in defending and communicating the Christian faith in today's world. I saw in phenomenology both challenges to but also insights which coincide with a Christian worldview... "

photo by ian adams[STORY] FEBRUARY 10

"Back in December we talked to John Sylvest about his new discussion vehicle Cathlimergent Conversations - Catholics in the Emerging Church Conversation. At the time Cathlimergent was only 9 days old and this is his response to our question, So what's it all about?"

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" In the summer of 2009 Phil Durrant spent a month with Church from Scratch in Southend and recorded a thought provoking video diary of his impressions. It's a diary that captures the day to day life of this distinctive church and their mission. Phil is a trainee minister at Oxford University and Church from Scratch is a 7 year old Baptist church, planted by Peter Dominey. The church is now a network of 10 community groups across the area and is organised around mission and community rather than having a Sunday service."

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