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The Problem With Hell
David Allis [NEW ZEALAND]

"Hell is potentially a hot topic, and I approach it with some fear & trepidation. Yet it is an incredibly important topic, as, in itís typically accepted form, Christians anticipate that many (possibly the majority) of people who have ever lived will spend eternity suffering there. Surely the expected permanent destination for so many people is worthy of careful consideration."

Convenient Amnesia: Has the Church lost her way?
George Elerick [UK]

"You slowly make your way through the ex-warehouse to find a place in the movie-style seating while the band is playing the number one praise song of the week. A week before, you handed over a couple of tickets and you casually strolled through the masses, into the standing room only gig and the band came out and everybody screamed. One is a church, the other is rock show, is there a difference? Should there be?"

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Church for the Night
Jon Oliver [UK]

Then we started thinking about St. Peterís Church right slap bang in the middle of Bournemouth, with a club on either side of it and a club right opposite it. Then we started thinking about what might happen if we opened it up overnight one weekend when all the clubs were at their busiest.


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